About Us

Foxton Software specialise in developing software primarily aimed at the field of digital forensics. Our focus is on browser forensics, and we have produced free and commercial tools in this area. Our products are used worldwide by police forces, government agencies, companies and individuals. Our combined expertise within software development and digital forensics enables us to provide accurate, reliable and useful digital forensic software.

Foxton Software was co-founded by Alex Billingsley and James Billingsley.

Alex holds a First Class degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has over eight years experience developing software for a variety of companies within the UK as well as contributing to open-source projects. He has experience developing both software products and bespoke software for clients in a wide range of industries. His development experience is focused around developing desktop and web applications, primarily using Microsoft technologies.
James has almost a decade of experience in the field of Computer Forensics. As a certified examiner within a number of forensic software products he has extensive experience running computer investigations and providing expert witness in UK Courts. He also has experience leading PCI Forensic Investigations as part of Security Investigation & Assessment teams and managing large scale investigations in the field of eDiscovery, within which he is also certified in a number of available product platforms. James is an investigations trainer and speaks at a number of annual conferences in the computer forensics space.